About Me

Hi, the name’s Catherine.

What is there to say about me?

Well, I’m a 30-something who works as an archive digitizer for a motorsport photography company. I’m an only child and for as long as I can remember, I found much of my company in the form of fictional characters and my imagination. I love writing all different kinds of genres but struggle to actually get half of what I start finished. A true procrastinator.

What sort of books do I like? Anything, really! My favourite genres are fantasy, adventure, crime, sci-fi and horror but I’ll give pretty much anything a read if it grabs me from the get-go.

My favourite books include: Sherlock Holmes, American Psycho, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Jurassic Park, the Discworld series and If Chins Could Kill…

I’m also very invested in motorsport whether it be Formula 1, IndyCar or Formula E. I have many Opinions on these series and will more often than not vent them over here.

I’m also a big lover of video games! I have a Twitch channel where I muddle my way through a variety of different games. Suggestions are always welcome and please do drop by!

What can you expect from this blog?

A good question, that. I’d imagine it will be a bit of a mix of things and, knowing me, the updates will be pretty sporadic! You’ll find book reviews, movie reviews, pieces of original writing, motorsport ramblings, travel adventures and all kinds of other things muddled in as well!


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