Snaps, Laps, ROC & Roll – Race of Champions 2017

NB: This recap (like all my recaps) is both image-heavy and very rambly. I take pleasure in detailing the inane and yelling about things.

Wednesday January 18th

Because I like to save money where I can, I decided to fly out a couple of days before the rest of the squad because it was going to be cheaper for me. Plus, it’s nice to spend a reasonable amount of time away when you have to fly so far!

Unfortunately, the cheapest flight on the Wednesday was at 9:30 and I neither live close to the airport nor like pushing my luck with time. Which resulted in a rather unpleasant 2:40am wake up call. Taxi came on time and took me to the coach station where I then hopped on an empty coach up to Heathrow.

The bonus of such an early flight was that it was somewhat empty and resulted in the two seats next to me being unoccupied. Cue some much needed stretching out! It at least gave me a better opportunity to sleep although I don’t remember if I did. I’m terrible at sleeping on planes. Regardless, the trip went pretty quickly. I watched The Conjuring 2 which was too long but enjoyable enough as a spooky ghost movie.

Arrived about 40 minutes early but most of that gained time was dashed by customs which took FOREVER to get through. Firstly there was a guy having a hypoglycaemic fit before border control which was scary and held things up with people worrying about him and trying to produce all kinds of sugar from their bags. The guy in front of me was just like “I have jelly babies!” I think he was OK, in the end. I don’t imagine it was singular occurrence. Then I got in the border control queue and four Brits joined behind me. Two of them were gradually moving beside me as the queue slowly progressed until they tried to cut in front of me. And it’s a testament to how far I’ve come that I totally called them on their bullshit and made them wait, even if they proceeded to bicker amongst themselves saying that I pushed in front of all four of them somehow. Fucking British people. As it was, I took about 2 minutes because I know what I’m doing.

Headed out and grabbed myself an Uber to the Airbnb, already feeling way warmer than I ever have in January. Found the place with no problem and had a good chat with the driver who also recommended I visit Wynwood while I was here. The host had left detailed instructions on how to enter the building so had no problems there. I was staying in a very residential part of Little Havana because staying in the hotel on my own for the first two days would not have been cost effective. The host was Argentinian and very friendly, even if I didn’t see all that much of her while I was there.

Feeling like I’d been awake for an eternity, I didn’t really want to do much more than sleep but I knew if I didn’t eat something (and get something for breakfast) I was going to regret it.  

But, priorities.

Because just days before leaving, it was officially announced that Felipe was coming back to Williams to replace Valtteri and I made a dumb Paint drawing to reflect my feelings. …And then I figured, what the hell, why not make it into an actual flag? So I bought a plain flag and some markers and took them with me to create a deliberately janky flag to wave at ROC for the lolz. So before heading out in search of photo, I got my hands dirty (literally; those marker pens are the worst) and created arguably the best flag of the three I’ve made.


Found a grocery store on Google Maps and headed out. One thing I noticed about Miami was that they’re pretty sparse with their crossings and you are expected to take your life into your own hands when trying to get across four lanes of traffic. Which is a challenge in and of itself but even more so when you keep looking the wrong damn way. But anyway, accidents were avoided so *thumbs up*. I got the race weekend essentials like water and bread and peanut butter and headed back to the Airbnb where I snacked, watched YouTube and slept for nearly 12 hours.

Thursday January 19th

Goal for today was to check out Calle Ocho and Bayfront Park. I had been planning on doing Wynwood but Sarah and her friend Angie (who we were meeting on Friday) wanted to go there so I figured I’d save it!  

Headed out around 10 and walked towards Calle Ocho. On the way, I got a phone call from a private number and was like ??? No one ever calls me so I thought maybe it was the Airbnb host or something so I answered. It was Silverstone. Goddamn Silverstone. “Are you OK to talk?” I was just like “…I’m in Miami right now.” I think they wanted to know if I was getting tickets this year or something? I don’t know but I was not about to have that conversation in the middle of Little Havana!

I got a little bit turned around trying to find the least death-defying places to cross but ended up at the Cuban Memorial Boulevard which I had also wanted to check out. I think it’s technically classed as a park but it’s actually just a trail in the middle of a street lined with trees and the occasional monument to mark important events and people in Cuban history. It’s a very pretty part of Little Havana and also very deserted so it was a pleasant stroll. The houses looked super fancy and the palm trees were a nice reminder that I was in fact in Florida. Also lizards! It’s been so long since I’ve been to Florida that I forgot lizards were a thing until one ran across my path and scared the crap out of me. The weather was very warm but not oppressively so, thankfully, but I definitely needed to get my hands on some more water so I made my way back up the Boulevard and continued on my way to finding Calle Ocho.

It’s considered the main street of Little Havana and has lots of restaurants and sights to check out. I wanted to try some Cuban food but I wasn’t feeling up to trying to navigate Spanish or sitting in a restaurant on my own so the moment I spotted a McDonalds, I was all up in that. I don’t really even like McDonalds but I will always go for the easy option. Plus, all the water.

After that, I found Maximo Gomez Park right next door which is more commonly known as Domino Park. There are several tables, all packed with people playing dominos and it was fun watching strangers and friends alike play each other. There was also an old school movie theatre (which may not actually be all that old school for America but we don’t see them like that over here much).


I knew that there was an ice cream parlour that was highly rated down there too and Angie had also recommended I try one of the guava flavours so it had to be done. I didn’t even have time to take a photo of it because it was so warm, it was already starting to dribble all over my fingers. But it certainly was tasty!

I decided to head on to Bayfront Park. It was about a 45 minute walk but I figured I might as well try and figure out the bus system. Google Maps is amazing and I honestly would not have done as much as I have without it because it’s so damn helpful. It told me what bus to get and then I could follow the route of it so I knew roughly when to get off. And I always love that so much US (and even European) transport is just one standard fare. $2.25 for a bus ride, no matter where you’re going. SO helpful if you’re a tourist and don’t quite know what stop you want.  

So got into Downtown Miami and walked the rest of the way to the park. Which was unfortunately not really a park at all. There was an amphitheatre there but it was closed off presumably because it’s the off-season or something. The rest of it was basically just a marina/shopping centre not all that different from my hometown’s Gunwharf Quays. Except the views were somewhat more spectacular because Miami. Also pelicans! And a whole host of cheeky grackles who took much advantage of the outdoor kitchens of some of the eateries.

I wandered around for a little bit just because it was still only mid-afternoon and I had nothing else to do but eventually hopped on a bus back and relaxed in the Airbnb for the rest of the day.  

Sarah was flying into Fort Lauderdale late and getting to the Airbnb around midnight. I let her in to prevent waking anyone up and we had a long overdue reunion. I mean, it had been a massive 2 weeks since I last saw her, after all! She got herself settled and we chatted for a bit, making some plans for tomorrow before turning in.

Friday January 20th

9am start. This weekend was ridiculously chill and I loved it. So not your typical race weekend, at least not by our standards. But still, no racing today so we had to make our own entertainment for one more day.

We headed back to Calle Ocho to look for some breakfast, making our way towards the Plaza which was the other end of where I’d been yesterday. We ended up at Taqueria El Mexicano, a Mexican place where I had pico de gallo for the first time. I am like, the whitest of white people who embodies all those ‘seasoning’ memes but it was good, I enjoyed it. Sarah’s friend Angie met us there and so we could dump all our stuff in her car which was great because we’d checked out of the Airbnb and couldn’t check into the hotel until 3pm (in theory!) and it was getting very hot which wasn’t conducive to lugging various bags around.

Sarah’s goal for the weekend was to see a gator seeing as we were in Florida after all. Angie said the best place to achieve this would of course be the Everglades. And so that’s exactly what we did. And boy, I thought being a pedestrian was taking your life in your own hands but being in a car isn’t much better. Yikes.

First we had a pit stop at Robert Is Here where they sell fruit milkshakes. I had a coconut one which was just chock full of coconut chunks, it was like a whole meal (and a bit of a struggle with a straw)! We poked around for a bit while we waited for them, tried out some yummy honey samples and checked out some of the farm animals they had out back.

Eventually we made it to the Everglades which I never actually knew was a National Park so that was my first proper visit to a US National Park! (I don’t count the Grand Canyon because I didn’t really explore any of it…) We headed for the Anhinga Trail which was apparently the best chance we had of spotting an alligator and other wildlife.

Sure enough, we eventually ran into a whole batch of them just lounging around in the sun. There were groups of school kids everywhere who were all excited/terrified of them and kept flailing and screaming which was pretty funny.  

We also saw plenty of birds and turtles and Sarah got into an amusing sports “altercation” with a Canadian. It will never not make me laugh when we have to explain where we’re all from and people are just like “…how the hell do you all know each other?!” He was good people; North Americans are so much chattier than us, I’ll never get over that.

So we did a loop of part of the trail and then headed back to the car. Angie wanted to take us to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens as she has a membership and can bring people in for free but firstly we needed to head back to the airport to pick up Liza who was arriving around 2pm. After figuring out which floor she was waiting on, she bundled into the car and we head off once more in search of reptiles; this time in the form of iguanas!

It was a really gorgeous park, just my sort of thing. There were all sorts of plants from a cactus garden to orchids to all manner of other things. There was also some kind of random chocolate fayre going on. It smelled very good.

They had a native butterfly garden and then a butterfly house full of exotic butterflies which was really cool. I do love butterflies. There were also these giant Malaysian bugs that Sarah was not even close to being a fan of but they were thankfully in tanks and not just roaming around. (I don’t remember their names but I think they were effectively giant stick insects.)

Once we got back outside and made our way to water, we found the iguanas. There were quite a few of them scattered around the gardens and there was also a crocodile somewhere but we didn’t run across it. There was one iguana just chilling on a bench, as you do.


We did a loop of the park to get back to the car and then decided it was time to check into the hotel. Easier said than done. First up, the moment we got inside I started having doubts it was the right place. I’d found it on and it looked pretty standard and was reasonably priced for the 5 of us to share. But the lobby area looked rather fancy and a bit out of our budget. Jiat had booked the room but given them Sarah’s ID so we could check in before she arrived later that evening. Alas. Somehow this building didn’t have a computer system with which to check information so, without a confirmation or room number, we couldn’t get anywhere. It was pretty ridiculous and annoying but thank god we had Angie because it could have been a lot more inconvenient than it was.

We decided to make our way to the bar Angie had picked out for Sarah to watch the Bruins play and who apparently had a wide array of great beers. If memory serves, the game did not go well but the beers were apparently good (and had pun names that I greatly respected) and the food was lovely. Jiat arrived first and then Liz a little later. The squad was complete! We could finally check into our hotel! But first we needed to get back there and it was definitely something of an adventure fitting 6 people with a weekends worth of crap each into a Prius. Naturally it was Liz who was made to suffer once again thanks to being the smallest member of the group but thankfully it was a pretty short trip and everyone made it unscathed!

Checking in Take #2 went much smoother now that we had Jiat with us (and like…there was literally just an envelope with her name on it, they could have given it to us had they actually tried understanding where we were coming from but whatever). We were on the 18th floor and there was some serious vertigo going on because from every floor you could look straight back down onto reception. I imagine many a phone or pair of sunglasses has perished from looking over the edge.


The room itself was ridiculous. It became apparent that this wasn’t actually a hotel but an apartment block, essentially, so we had a fancy-ass apartment all to ourselves. A kitchen, a living area, bedroom…and a goddamn balcony. Complete with little seating area. We were only a few miles from the airport so huge planes would occasionally fly over us but rather than being loud and annoying, it was actually really cool. I had fluked a great place!

I claimed one of the sofas to sleep on and we all just kind of spread out and made the space our own. Liza had brought us all these really cool Indy-themed Starbucks mugs which I now religiously drink tea out of.

I feel like we had a reasonably early night seeing as so many people had been travelling all day. We were meeting Angie in Wynwood for donuts around 9am so set the alarms but not for too awful a start. So weird for a race weekend.

Saturday January 21st

U32089486140_eb363384d5_zbered to The Salty Donut in Wynwood which is a donut/coffee shop with a renowned sticky bun donut that we were told we needed to try. There was already a large queue outside which we joined and Angie found us around 5 minutes later. I think it took around half an hour for us to actually get into the shop and we all (I think?) ended up getting two donuts each; one sticky bun (limited to one per person because they’re that in demand) and one other. I chose the traditional glazed, I think Sarah & Liza had a guava one, Liz had cookie dough and I don’t know about Jiat but everything looked so good! I put my cinnamon issues aside and practically inhaled the sticky bun donut, it was amazing. I fully understand why people queue so long for that donut. However, it was more filling than expected so I had to shelve the glazed donut for a later date. (As it was, I never ate it and it was still in the fridge of the apartment when I left, whoops!)

Angie headed on her way and the rest of us decided to walk to Marlins Park as it was only about 3 miles and it was still an hour or so until the Fan Fest started. The walk was a bit of an adventure, we passed many chickens, ran across many roads and crossed a suspension bridge before finally making it to the baseball stadium.  

Probably unsurprisingly, I’ve never been to a baseball stadium and this was way bigger than I was expecting it to be for some reason. It’s hard to make a comparison but I would say it was roughly the same size as the London venue back in 2015, maybe a bit smaller. Definitely warmer. There was also a retractable roof so even if Liz did bring the rain, we wouldn’t be deprived of our race cars.   

The stadium wasn’t actually open yet but the Fan Fest had just started so we made our way over there. It was…underwhelming.

I mean, London had nothing so it was at least an attempt at more fan engagement but…yeah. There really wasn’t anything to write home about. There were a few sponsor stalls, Ryan Hunter-Reay’s IndyCar and a band who were really not that great. We looked around the store since they had ROC merch and I ended up getting an ROC Miami cap with the Brazilian flag under the brim. It’s weird, because I understand why they had ones with the American flag but I’m really not sure why the only other option was Brazil. Not that I’m complaining!

Heading back out, we found a shady spot to sit down and wait for a better time to start queuing. It was fun to people watch and see the variety of fans that were there. Lots of Ferrari gear, a fair amount of McLaren, a wide mix of IndyCar support, probably NASCAR too but the names/numbers would have been largely unfamiliar. We even saw some Formula E shirts amongst the crowd. It was nice, I do love how Race of Champions brings fans of all motorsports together.

Eventually we joined the line to get in and, after a momentary hassle of whether I could bring my camera with me, eventually got into Marlins Park. It was still about an hour or so before the event actually started but they’d already started doing warm ups so we figured we’d wander around and get a lay of the land.

We ended up accidentally stumbling across the VIP area which became apparent when Seb & JPM were just kind of standing in front of us chatting. Obviously it was fenced off but people still had to pass by to get in and out. This was how we also ended up getting passed by Jenson, DC, Scott Speed, Travis Pastrana…probably other people I forget.

Now, I’ve been trying to get a selfie with Seb since 2014. It became something of a mission. A mission that my attachment for Williams often sabotaged (see: German GP). And seeing as I’m unsure if I’m even doing any F1 this year, I figured this would be my prime opportunity for finally accomplishing this feat. As it was, when Seb made his way out of the area and I tried, he instead just looked at me and apologised, saying he had to get downstairs to get in the car. Which, you know, is kind of fair enough. I mean, I guess he was there to race or something 😛  

Knowing that the drivers’ presentation was going to start shortly, we made our way to our seats and we had one hell of a view. We headed to one section before realising, nope, we’re actually one down and even closer. We were effectively 6 rows from the front and pretty level with the cars. Beautiful.

Unlike London, Day 1 would be the Champion of Champions competition where every man races for himself. Ryan Hunter-Reay drove around with (I believe?) one of the baseball players while all the other drivers were introduced one at a time and appeared from the dug out to wave at the crowd. (And thanks to Liz for taking photos as I was preoccupied waving my 2015 Felipe flag!)

I won’t write a play-by-play of the results or anything because that’s probably easy enough to find online but some specific things:

  • A moment of strife between Sarah and myself when it was Sebastian Vettel vs. Alexander Rossi but all went well from my side of things. If only momentarily because boy did Seb not have a good day on the Saturday. My t-shirt was feeling very apt on this day.


  • Felipe was absolutely crushing it which was the greatest thing to watch ever. Another thing I love about ROC is that it showcases people’s talents, rather than the cars so I can stick two fingers up at everyone who gives my drivers shit.  
  • However, Felipe also appeared to be a magnet for disaster. First off we had Pascal going on an excursion into a barrier. I still don’t really know what happened but Felipe beat him by a fair margin and then he just…drove into the side of Felipe’s car which ended up flipping and rolling him? Which was bad enough in itself but they also have passengers with them for a lot of these laps (VIPs, competition winners etc.), this one included so there was a lot of concern for that guy. The moment it happened, Felipe just abandoned his car (and passenger) to go check on them and make sure they were OK. Pascal got out pretty quickly but the other guy stayed in there for a little too long for me to be OK with that. I think maybe he was at an awkward angle but also must have had the wind punched out of him pretty bad. But everyone walked away and waved so that was something. Less of that please, Pascal.
  • And then drama #2 for Felipe was the fucking semi-finals. Because fucking why. It was Felipe vs. JPM, winner goes through to finals with a best of three. Felipe won the first one, JPM the second when Felipe decided to get a bit too friendly with the barrier and bashed his wheel into it. And while getting ready for the tie-breaker, we see on the big screen ‘5 second penalty’. Which completely invalidated the need for a tie breaker because he’d automatically lose with that deficit. Cue the entire stadium erupting in boos. And it’s not like JPM wasn’t popular (he was probably one of the most popular there!), it was just…we were there for racing. We wanted to see cars race. I mean, Felipe had probably fucked his car up enough to not allow him to win the tie breaker anyway but it would have been nice to at least see that, you know? So yeah, I was pissed, he was pissed and #IDONTACCEPT is now going to be my go-to hashtag whenever dumb decisions are made during the upcoming season.

As it was, Montoya went on to win the Champion of Champions not to many people’s surprise because let’s face it, that guy has won races in pretty much every series going. I couldn’t begrudge him of it either, he seemed delighted.


We hung around a bit to see if we could spy anyone of interest. Sarah got another selfie with Scott Speed but I don’t remember seeing anyone else. Once outside, we tried to figure out where to go for dinner, wanting to try out a Cuban place. While there, Sarah spotted a woman in an Alaska Coffee Roasting Company shirt and struck up a conversation with her before quickly realising she was one of the owners and the guy we’d stumbled across in Detroit was also there. Sarah suddenly remembered that their storefront was in Miami and so we immediately knew where we were going for breakfast tomorrow. Small world!

I was starting to get a headache (hooray for not hydrating! Idiot) and I remember rambling way too much to Liz about the career paths of Rob & Felipe while walking to the Cuban place. It turned out to be a seafood place with a Cuban twist rather than straight up Cuban but it seemed very popular. I also know nothing about Guy Fieri but he was weirdly hard to avoid on this trip and it turned out he’d eaten at this place too. I ended up only having the Grouper soup because I was starting to feel really crap but knew not eating anything would be a Mistake. It was good and I lament the fact I couldn’t try a proper meal because they all looked really tasty.

On the way back to the apartment, we got a couple of bottles of wine for balcony shenanigans. I, however, had to take a nap before my head broke but thankfully, it cleared up just as I heard Austria stories beginning from the balcony and shuffled outside to join in. And we basically ended up recounting the entirety of that dumb summer to Liza while enjoying the mild weather and deafening airplanes overhead. It was A Time.  

Sunday January 22nd

Seeing as how the Alaska Coffee Roasting Company was a bit out of the way, we got up ‘early’ at 7am and Ubered our way over there. It was a really cosy place and not only did they have Rossi’s Racing Engineering race suit hanging up on the wall but they were also showing ROC highlights. Couldn’t have chosen a better place. Also, their pancakes were freaking amazing.

We took our time as ROC things weren’t starting until around 10. We knew we wanted to get at the wall that overlooked the ‘pitlane’ area today to get some good photos and wave flags and things. As it was, we managed just that because it’s Race of Champions and not Formula 1 so things were just way easier to get to.

I brought my dumb Felipe flag with me and, with much help from the squad, managed to hold it up over the pitlane. A lot of the ROC staff laughed at it and a couple took photos. I remember Crofty doing a double take and offering up a wry smile. When the drivers came out, Felipe & Tony Kanaan went and sat on the podium and had a chat, waiting for their warm ups. TK was the one to spot it, proceeding to then slap Felipe to get his attention and point it out. You could literally see Felipe read it, then turn to TK and do a little scribble motion, presumably clarifying ‘is it scribbled out?’ and TK nodded which got a nose-scrunching laugh and then a wave and a thumbs up. Goal achieved. What a bunch of good dudes. (And thanks to Jiat for taking photos!)


After that, we spent the next half hour or so just watching all the drivers warm up in the different vehicles and getting some great vantage point photos. We also saw Hinch get given a mic and go around interviewing pretty much everyone and it looked ridiculous and now having seen the actual videos can be confirmed as ridiculous.

We headed back to our seats before the drivers’ presentation and because today was the Nations Cup, the teams all drove around/were driven around the track, waving their flags.

Because of Pascal’s incident the day before, he’d been benched so Team Germany effectively just became Team Vettel as Seb drove the parade car, waved the giant German flag and even did an unsolicited donut all on his own. German efficiency at its finest.


I hadn’t planned on waving my flag again but then I noticed that Felipe was recording the parade on his phone so figured ‘screw it’ and went down the front to hold it up. Once again, TK slapped Felipe’s arm to point me out and Felipe waved again.  

Felipe had another good day but unfortunately TK did not so Team Brazil didn’t advance. Team ‘Germany’ however? Holy shit. I can’t describe how incredibly satisfying it was to see Sebastian pick people off one by one. It was a complete turnaround from yesterday and he was on a mission.

I think the only person who beat him all day was Travis Pastrana but then he jumped the start for the second race and received a penalty for it (unlike Kurt Busch against Rossi earlier which Sarah was not impressed about in the least) which ended up putting Seb through to the finals. And I mean, Race of Champions is supposed to be a bit of fun and light hearted but I was genuinely stressing out near the end there because I wanted him to win so bad. (I don’t think he’s ever gone away from a ROC without a trophy as a matter of fact.)

And so it ended up being Seb vs the Busch Brothers and he got the job done, receiving two trophies and looking positively delighted at that.

Next up was America vs. The World where basically the American drivers were pitted against a mix of the non-American drivers. I remember Felipe beat whoever he was against, I forget if Seb did but I mean, probably, right? In the end it came down to Scott Speed vs Petter Solberg and Solberg won it for the World. So not a great weekend for America when all is said and done but it was great having more of a variety of drivers and for that reason alone, I’d love to see ROC in America again.  

But maybe we could get different entertainment in between the racing because there’s only so many times you can watch a guy do donuts and stand on his car and even more so watch uncoordinated ‘cheerleaders’ waving pom poms.

32346268941_c5e16f16c4_kWe headed back to the VIP area but they were keen to clear everyone out so almost immediately we had to leave and headed down the escalator. Suddenly, Sarah and Liz who were a few steps down from me were like “…Sebastian is right there GO!” so I practically ran down the escalator and slid in amongst the line of people against the barrier where he was walking and signing things. And finally – finally – I got a selfie with Sebastian Vettel. He also chuckled at me for my earnestness but what the fuck ever, I’ve been trying for 3 damn years!

We also saw Ryan Hunter-Reay go by, Montoya with his trophy, Hinch with his skills challenge trophy (and I’m still bummed that we didn’t get to see that like wth?), Petter Solberg, DC. Alexander & Conor walked by at one point and said hi to Sarah and Liz, naturally.  

We eventually headed back to the apartment (picking up more wine along the way) and Liz & Sarah were determined to go to the pool so all of us (bar Jiat who had to start getting ready to leave) headed down. I sat by the pool sorting through my photos while the other three shit-talked Formula E. I also got bitten to death by mosquitoes which was super inconvenient. Go to the Evergaldes? Fine, no problem. Sit by a pool? Tasty snack, apparently. Bastards.

At some point I left Liza, Sarah & Liz in the hot tub and headed back up to say bye to Jiat who was the only one of us leaving that evening. It was a pretty early night overall because Liz and Sarah both had to get up stupidly early for flights but we still spent a little bit of time on the balcony just to enjoy it before the majority of us headed back to full on winter temperatures.

Monday January 23rd

Woke up around 3am to say bye to Liz and then around 4:30am to say by to Sarah. Then ended up waking around 7:30 just naturally which I knew would be a pain in the backside because I had a long couple of days ahead but there was nothing to be done.

Liza went out to get some coffee and I tidied up the apartment as best I could. It’s amazing how you can make a place so lived in after just a couple of days! Liza had intended on exploring a bit as her flight wasn’t until the evening like mine but the weather had suddenly turned and wasn’t all that inviting. There’d been tornado warnings in the morning and a really bad storm not long after Liz left but most of it had eased, just leaving heavy winds. So instead, Liza just decided to join me at the airport for too many hours.

We split and Uber, figured out which terminals we needed to be at and then we just sat around chatting about motorsport and I educated her a little bit on the life and times of one Felipe Massa.  

Her plane was delayed and mine ended up leaving a little later than it should have but it didn’t impact the arrival time which was nice. I watched Independence Day 2 (which I enjoyed more than I expected and also punched me in the face with feelings more than I expected), The BFG (which for reasons unknown I cried all the way through) and the pilot of Lethal Weapon (which I am largely undecided on as of right now).

After many more hours of waiting and travelling, I finally arrived home. It was a long way to travel for a short amount of time but no regrets! I really hope they consider having it in Miami again and maybe just tightening up the schedule, making it clearer to follow and changing up the between entertainment.


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