Prepping for the New Year!

So, long time no see! As can be seen, I haven’t actually posted here since March and that’s a travesty but, knowing what I’m like, not entirely surprising. As 2015 looms just around the corner, I feel the motivation to blog returning but I won’t be as optimistic (and unrealistic!) as I was this time last year.

The breakdown of this blog will be as follows:

TBR Challenge

> At the start of each month, I will outline between 4 to 6 books that I want to read in that month and will then do a review of each of those books once I finish them and do a round up at the end before starting again.

> Formula One posts. I’ll make posts each Grand Prix weekend covering everything from the press conferences to the actual race. There will probably also be the odd sporadic F1 posts too on older races that I’m watching and driver profiles and the like.

> Travel adventures. I’m hoping to do a few trips this year, following the Formula One around some of the European countries so I will be making posts on that amongst my regular F1 weekend posts (which may be a bit delayed depending on available time and internet!)

> Film reviews. I have been to the cinema a total of twice this year which is utterly pathetic! I hope to change that next year and also watch more rentals and post my thoughts on the variety of things that I watch. Some TV may be included although I don’t watch a huge amount of television, it has to be said!

> Writing. I’m hoping to meet a 500 words a day target for 2015, whether it be on novels or blog posts or anything else and I will aim to do a brief weekly recap of what I have managed to achieve and maybe a sample of what was produced.

There will probably be other things that crop up at certain points but these will be the main things that this blog will consist of in the coming year. I hope it will provide some variety and everything will be tagged accordingly and sorted into the tabs on the navigation bar where relevant.

Please do join me on this journey, I hope it will be a fun one!


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