The Great TBR Callenge 2014: Intro Post!


My good friend Laura is organising The Great TBR Challenge of 2014 and I am going to try and make the most of it!

My bookcase is cram-packed full of books I need to read, never mind all the ones on my Kindle. They may not be taking up physical room but they still need to be read, dammit.

I can read books pretty quickly – 3 days at a push – but in picking books to read each month, I will probably only pick four or five definites and then see if I can squeeze any more in during the month.

I will be following the rules set in the original post:

  • I will write a post at the beginning of every month, outlining the books I intend to read.
  • I will be writing reviews and recommendations of every book that I do read.
  • I will also do a wrap-up post at the end of every month, showing the books I actually read.

I’m not one for buying books new very often, preferring to pick things up second hand, but I will strive not to buy any unless I am getting rid of one at the same time.

And so! Onto the books I intend to read this March:


Vicious by V.E. Schwab – Bought for me by Laura herself who is a big fan of Victoria Schwab and thought I would like it. I am already 70 pages in and enjoying it so far!


James Hunt: The Biography by Gerald Donaldson – I have been gripped by Formula One fever, or 1976 F1 at any rate. Been awhile since I’ve read a biography, too.


Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk – I’m about halfway through it already but for some reason, despite it being a really short book, it is taking me ages to get round to finishing it.


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – I have had this for awhile now and not gotten around to reading it. I need to return it eventually!


The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander – One of my favourite Disney movies and I recently picked up a copy of the book so want to see the differences and similarities. I’m a sucker for books that became movies.

So there we have it, my first month in The Great TBR Challenge of 2014! Join me, won’t you?


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