WIPMarathon Intro (December-January Edition)

OK, so NaNoWriMo did not go so well for me this year but I had so much fun doing WIPMarathon in August that I’m giving it another go! I look forward to reading everyone’s progress.

Marathon Goal: My ultimate goal is to finish the first draft of The Remnant Keepers. But, seeing as that is such a broad goal, I’m aiming for 30k each month.

Stage of writing: This is a first draft (still!) and is really slow going. I’m about 75k into it but there is still a lot left to go through because I overwrite everything.

What inspired my current project: Well, it’s a fantasy piece that I came up with early in the year, just thinking about people with different coloured eyes and how it could represent another person occupying their body. It just spun completely out of control from there. I’ve been largely pantsing it this entire time, creating characters as I go which is both fun and hugely frustrating!

What might slow down my marathon goal:  Well, I have a full time job that I don’t particularly enjoy and does a good job of sucking my motivation from day to day. I have also recently opened an Etsy shop for bracelets and I’m getting quite frequent orders which are naturally a priority for me.

Best time of the day for writing: I tend to try and write in the evening once I get home from work but I don’t necessarily think this is the best time. I’d probably work better in the morning but can’t face getting up earlier than I do!


8 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Intro (December-January Edition)

    • Catherine Benham says:

      Someone else mentioned The Host to me too, haha.

      I’m glad you decided to do another one, I think it works better for me than NaNo so fingers crossed that I can it my goals 🙂 Good luck to you too!

  1. darklingjinny says:

    I think I might give this a shot for my own work so it can be finished. I have a WIP that I want done by the beginning of next year. Hope you make your goals, good luck!

  2. krystal jane says:

    What’s your Etsy shop called? I want to check it out. ^_^

    Your WIP sounds really interesting. Good luck with it!
    I work all day and write at night, too. I would love to write at least little bit in the morning, but a morning person I am not.

    • Catherine Benham says:

      The shop is called NerdCord, thanks for asking! 🙂

      Yeah, I’m not much of a morning person either but I might see how I go and if I’m not getting the words in the evening, try and switch it up a little.

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