Random Writing Happenings

So, I really need to be working on my novel. Like, seriously. I have a (friend-endorsed) deadline of December 14th that I so want to meet (hence my foolishness of signing up to be a Nano Rebel) but I keep getting distracted by a number of things. But I said to myself, at least I’m not the type of person that gets ideas all the time and needs to change projects. Yeah, I jinxed it because this just popped into my head and I had to get it down quick:

                 It was suitably bleak when we left the house that morning. No-one said a word as we shuffled into the car; me taking the window seat while mum and dad were forced to sit together beside me. When my dad had moved to take the front passenger seat, the glare he received from my mother would have made the most villainous of people bow their heads in shame and fall in line behind her. He kept his gaze trained on the scenery the entire drive.

                Mum had insisted that we take a detour past Hygrove Park, much to my dad and the driver’s distaste. “Milly always loved playing in that park,” she’d said with defiance, keeping the tears at bay while her face contorted into a parody of a brave smile. She’d only ever called her Milly when we were kids. I thought she was probably going into a maternal meltdown. Understandable, of course, but aside from a quick sympathetic pat to her wrist, I had other things to think about.

                The rain was falling heavier as we passed the large gates of Hygrove, the fat droplets striking the windshield relentlessly. I heard my mum tsk, as if she were disappointed that the weather was not co-operating with her plans.

                I stared at the wrought iron gates, long since rusted from lack of use. We never understood why they didn’t just get rid of them if they kept it open all year round. Now it made the park look even more imposing, making the path beyond look like it went on into infinity. If I strained my eyes, I could almost make out the police tape but it looked as if the investigators had backed off for now. They wouldn’t find anything anyway.

                My eyes shifted to the hearse driving ahead of us. I thought that maybe if I stared at the coffin long enough, I’d see Melissa throw the lid open and wrestle the driver for control of the steering wheel and get them the hell away from that cursed park. As best she could without a head, anyway.

                I couldn’t bring myself to tell mum that neither of us had ever particularly liked the park. It was too big and foreboding and didn’t even have a swing set to keep you occupied. It had trees, paths and some more trees. Great for dogs, not so much for little girls with weak upper body strength keeping them from even making the most of the countless branches. But mum liked taking us there, so we obliged. I had to wonder if this little detour had more to do with allowing her to relive better times than pleasing a headless corpse .

                Why so callous? Sure, I’ve just lost a sister who was also probably my best friend. But that’s the operative word. Lost. We might have a body to bury but she wasn’t in it when she died. I should know, I was there. And I saw that thing rip her out of her own body before taking her head and disappearing to god knows where.

                So I’ll play the role of mourning sister and supportive daughter, I’ll sit through the funeral and watch silently as they lower her body into a grave despite her passing mentions of cremation, I’ll observe a suitable grieving period for the tragic and brutal murder of my sister.

                And then I will go find her and kill the thing that took her.

I mean, what? I don’t even know what the plot is or any of the characters. I’m guessing it would be supernatural? I am intrigued…


3 thoughts on “Random Writing Happenings

  1. lauracrampton says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I want this story now! You need to come up with a story and write it, cause I need to know what happened!!

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