Making a Soundtrack (aka A Guide to Procrastination)

I have written almost nothing in days, it’s a problem. If I go too long without doing any writing then I struggle to get back into it. BUT I have now finished Lego City Undercover so that will no longer be distracting me and my evenings are open once more. I even cleared my desk of crap and set up my new sticker reward system which should be a good motivator.

But in my time of procrastination this week, I did wind up starting a soundtrack for The Remnant’s Keeper. I don’t even know why but I know other people that have done it and I just figured it wouldn’t work with a fantasy piece but I guess I was wrong!

If anyone wants to have a listen, I’ve attached it below. There’s 13 tracks at the moment but it’s still a work in progress as my story is too.

Track Listing: (It seems to change the order on me but it should be this)

1. At Launch – Kevin MacLeod     3:05

2. Call to Adventure (Emily’s Theme)Kevin MacLeod     4:07

3. As We Go Along (Jenna’s Theme)The Monkees     3:52

4. Stand (Lucian’s Theme)Rascal Flatts     3:43

5. Run Boy Run (Killian’s Theme)Woodkid     3:36

6. Beat (Health, Life & Fire) (Marlaya’s Theme)Thao and the Get Down Stay Down     2:31

7. Before You Say Another Word (Emily & Killian)Carrie Rodriguez     3:20

8. Anxious Heart (Crisis Core Version) (Ezra’s Theme)Nobuo Uematsu     2:46

9. The Story (Lorelei’s Theme)Brandi Carlile     3:59

10. Man of Our Times (Steven’s Theme)Genesis     5:36

11. Water (Paige & Phineas’ Theme)Nobuo Uematsu     2:21

12. Hills of Time (Brass Fields)Michael Nesmith     7:38

13. Celebrare (Glassedge)Peter Raeburn     2:31


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