WIPMarathon Check-In #1

Current Word Count:

I actually completely failed and keeping count but, on reflection, it seems to be around the 4k mark.

WIP Issues this week:

The curse of the never ending chapter. Seriously, it just felt like it was going on forever and had no end in sight. When it gets like that, I start to get a little bit bored and find it harder to go back to each time.

What I learnt this week in writing: 

You can’t take all your characters with you! Sometimes you just need to bid them farewell, even if just for the time being because there’s nothing worse than having too many characters to keep track of in one scene.

What distracted me this week while writing:

Work, I guess. It’s a total de-motivator and causes problems for me. I am also trying to finish Lego City Undercover on the Wii-U which I end up doing for hours in the evening when I really should be writing. God help me when the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 comes out… Oh, and I’m also trying to organise a book sale fundraiser that is a bit hectic at the moment and pulling me in different directions.

Last 200 words:

OK, please keep in mind that this is very much a first draft – hell probably a zero draft – so the sentences are clunky and so on and so on…

At the end of the path stood a woman in a long green gown that trailed along the pebbles. She was leaning over the flowers, a small silver watering can in her hand, dousing the soil with water and apparently unaware or uncaring of the rain that was beating against an invisible roof above. Any time a drop of water hit one of the delicate petals, she would wipe it away with a gentle brush of her fingers before gliding on to the next patch of soil and starting the process again.

The way she held herself and the ornate style of her clothes didn’t suggest hand maiden but it was also obvious that the Queen was no longer residing here. As she brought herself up to a standing position, placing the can on a small ledge, she gave her wrist a slight roll and flick to produce a large butterfly the likes of which I had never dreamed of seeing. Paige’s jaw fell open while Marlaya muttered darkly under her breath, “Witch.”

“Sorceress, actually,” the woman responded, not taking her eyes off of the numerous butterflies that now flit around her and onto the flowers. “All just semantics, of course.”



4 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #1

  1. lauracrampton says:

    Oh the curse of the Lego game! Lego Lord of the Rings is just sucking up all my time, it seems never ending. I know how you fell about never ending chapters as well. Chapter 1 of The Cured is taking sooooooo long. Congrats on hitting 4K though, that’s awesome 🙂

    • The Pagemistress says:

      They are really addictive, they should have meetings for it.

      As you’ve said to me in the past, it’s easier to cut things in edits than to add things so I wouldn’t worry about things feeling long at this point. It probably won’t even seem that long when you read it back!

      And thanks! 🙂

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