Title Change and New Ideas

Titles have always been something that I have problems with. I find it almost impossible to work on something comfortably if it doesn’t have a title, even if I’m not that happy with it. The book I am currently working on (and have been for many years) has been through several title changes. It started out as ‘Guardians’ which I was never happy with because it’s just boring and bland. I then came up with four others and put it to a vote, ‘The Fates of Angels’ coming out on top. Now, I like that title quite a lot but my problem with it was that it just didn’t seem to represent the story very well. I felt it was too deceptive. Then, the other day when I was working on something else entirely, the title ‘Chasing Oblivion’ came to me and for the first time, I feel it is a fit. I worry that it may sound a bit bleak for the material (although it does have its dark points) and for the life of me I can’t create a cover for it but I really like the ring of it. What do you guys think? What does it make you think of?

I seem to recall mentioning the Phantom of the Opera re-imagining I was going to start working on…I made a cover for it, just because I could and it helped me get a better feeling for the tone. I am no graphic designer and don’t have any suitable software so you will have to excuse the quality!

Paper Faces1

And then, the other day I came up with a brand new idea out of nowhere and had to run with it and scrawl all the ideas down quickly before they disappeared as quickly as they came! And somehow that also resulted in a cover:

The Remnant's Keeper with Border



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