It Liiiiives!

So. I have been somewhat absent from this blog and for that I apologise. A new year approacheth and with it comes a sense of “I must blog more!” So, in preparation for that, I am reaquainting myself with my surroundings and hope that you will bear with me as I do so.

The contents will remain much the same but there will be no more quotes because 1) I do not have a Daily Quote Calendar for 2013 and 2) I grew tired of it pretty quick. But I intend to try and read more in the new year (pretty sure I say that every year but I have a bookcase FULL of unread books) so will get back to my reviews though they may not be as detaile as my Holmes ones. I’m also making my way through my first novel so I will probably blog about how that is going/not going.

I will also start up my prompts again, aiming to complete one a day. Some may well be repeats but feel free to take up any that you are interested in and share them if you want too!

I am open to any constructive criticism of anything I write so please do comment if you feel moved to do so. I would rather be called out on my random grammar than have some poor person rocking back and forth in a corner over the abomination of a rogue apostrophy.

I was going to delete the vast majority of my previous posts (the prompts and quotes) but decided to just leave them there for posterity or some such thing.

I hope you will stick with me and that I will stick with it too. 2013 is going to be a year of much creativity, I shall make it so number one!


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