Hello world!

Brief obligatory introduction post!

The general jist of this blog can be found in the About Me but it’s more or less a little haven for me to rant and rave about whatever I’m reading/about to read at the moment. Obviously, it will be a bit more than reviews, otherwise it will be updated very infrequently (I’m not the quickest reader…) So expect random quotes that I like, quick observations, photos and probably some bizarre tangents.

Right now I’m close to finishing up my Sherlock Holmes book (sad times…) and have no idea what in the hell to read next. Considering my bookcase is chock full of books I haven’t read yet, it’s not like I’m stuck for choice!

Anyway, that’s about all there is to it! Hope you enjoy some of my ramblings, however sporadic they may be. (And no, I am not Spanish or Italian or whatever other nationality uses ‘libro’ for book. It just so happened that someone already had bibliosexual, which I had planned to use. So it is, I used something more exotic 🙂


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